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I quit my job in March of 2020 so that Anu and I could travel more and see our families more.


Unfortunately, Covid-19 came along, and we suddenly found ourselves learning to enjoy the great indoors. While Anu was busy helping with K-12 education in California, I started a routine of a creating a new cocktail and recording an old song every week. I think I’ve collected enough recipes and songs to share with friends and family on this website. Good ‘time pass’ for all.


There are sixteen songs and sixteen drinks so far. While you can listen to our versions of the songs while you read, unfortunately you cannot 3-d print the cocktails yet!


The song collection ended up loosely representing my personal history of rock music. I’ve tried to provide some context on each artist’s role in the evolution of the genre. I’ve also included some notes on the recording process, as well as musical highlights and things to listen for in each cover. I think both will be interesting for the casual music lover.


The cocktails are easy to make and include a variety of liquors. Depending on the weather, your mood, and ingredients available, you should always be able to find something that works.


The songs are also on SoundCloud while the song notes and cocktail recipes are collected in a book that you can read online or download for offline reading.


Finally I can’t say how grateful I am that my family has remained healthy (so far). I understand we have more options and an easier time than others. It’s important to acknowledge this and help where we can.

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