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Masking Tape by The Shut Ins
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Recorded @KaiNath Studios, Laguna Beach

Mixed @KaiNath Studios, Laguna Beach

Mastered by Chris Karn

Cover Design by Samta Jones @Studio Pastiche

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Drums and bass

Parthiv started on the piano, switched to drums and has been focused on the bass for the past few years. He has been really working on his bass playing for the last year and it shows: if you listen closely you will find the bass drives most of the songs on this collection. Every song on this project started with recording the drum and bass tracks - so I had to squeeze as many songs as possible into the few minutes that he would deign to throw my way each week. After I was done with each song, he would do a final listen, and improved most of the mixes with his suggestions.

My guitar playing on every song on this project also benefitted from his throw away (but correct) insults. Sadly, while I subscribe to the love filled and supportive Western form of parenting, Parthiv subscribes to the hard-nosed Desi Whiplash style of teaching. Jibes, insults and reach goals are meant to inspire. It worked. If I have improved as a musician, it's thanks to his goading and advice.


Vocals and Piano

This project would have been very different in scope (and quality) without Bobby. I've known him a long time, primarily as a really good piano player and one of Parthiv's best friends. But. he went off to college, worked on his singing, and wow ... I was originally planning to have him sing just a couple of songs- but the more I heard him, the more songs I fed him. He not only willingly accepted, but also did harmonies on all the songs. No problem! The outro on "Eve1y Breath You Take" is Bobby's voice tripled. Most of his vocals and piano parts were done in one or two takes, as there was only so much time we could spend in a small room even with masks on.




l've known Juanita and the power and emotion in her vocals since our clays in The PIMCO Band. The plan when I retired was to keep the band going ... but with COVlD-19 the possibility of six people practicing together in a room went out the door. Unless you're in Tulsa, then it's OK. We managed to schedule one session when both us felt reasonably confident we were virus free and wrapped up her songs as fast as we could. I don't think Adele could record Rolling In The Deep in just 1 ½ takes, especially after three months of working from home while watching your school age kids.



We've been together 27 + years, and what better way to get the sparks flying than to get together in a small dark room where I give her 'suggestions' on her technique. lt was a real fun project and would not have been the same without her harmonies and reverse 'suggestions' on almost eve1y song we did.

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Guitars, Vocals. Also Studio Tech, scheduler, coffee getter and general factotum.

Putting this project together with this group of talented, yet low ego musicians was a blast. It would have been more fun and dynamic to record these songs "live", but making music in any way continues to be a magical experience for me.


Jedi Master

Formally, Chris mastered the songs on this project. Informally, he was my Pro Tools guide and sound consultant on eve1y song. Some needed minor tweaks, but there were others where I would have been completely lost without his recording, mixing and EQ suggestions.

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